Our testimonials are biased, as we dine amongst friends.
Feel free to continue reading anyhow.

"I don't think I can justify eating at another fine dining restaurant, the food, the company & the intimacy of it all, priceless!" Marco, Pyrmont, AU.

"The only thing missing, was a doggy bag! Too good! " Jenn, South Yarra, AU.

"Better than I expected, like a good friends dinner party, but with much better food! " Sarah, Templestowe, AU.

"I was sceptical at first, but the Zingara team exceeded all my expectations. They made my partner & I feel like family. " Anthony, Broad Beach, AU.

"Real Italian cuisine, the last time I tasted food this good, was in Italy!. " Teresa, Fitzroy, AU.

"Australia's best kept dining secret! The exclusivity of it all, adds to the experience - I feel priviliged to have had the opportunity to dine at Zingara." Thomas, NYC, NY.



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